How the Fuck Did Prom Become Such a Big Deal

You guys (whoever the hells you all are, if there are people who read this?) have probably all seen the “promposals” posted on various social networking sites and news networks these past couple of years. The action of asking people to prom with you is not as simple as a bouqet of roses or writing a cute message on some posterboard anymore, oh no, it’s buying people puppies and wearing fake bombs strapped to your chest (yes that actually happened, and it had the terrible pun you’re thinking of attached to it as well). It’s now become right up there with how you ask someone to marry you, ya know, the bond of two people for (at least theoretically) the rest of their lives. Just to reiterate, this is for a silly school dance that you will probably go to twice in your life. Some people think prom is a huge deal, others don’t. But most agree that if you’re gonna ask somebody, you better fucking do it right. Now I personally hate it when people put on a big show for me, or play me songs, or create any sort of attraction drawing thing around or for me. I’m a shy girl, I like it better when I have just the attention of a couple people. Luckily I was asked to prom face to face in a calm manner, had it been the huge promposal my significant other was planning origianlly, this may be a different story.

In the end, I think prom is cool, I’m excited, I spent awhile searching for the perfect dress and finding the cutest shoes. My date will match the belt on my dress, and I’m wearing a corsage, so I don’t have room to make fun of people who put a lot of time and effort into respecting the cheesy traditions of prom. I’m just saying, no matter what, don’t make it matter more than it needs to. Don’t spend $600 on a dress, unless you truly feel that you need to. Just have fun.

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