Florida Retirement Community Fashions

I think we’re all in agreement that after a certain age, you just don’t care anymore. Your body is saggy, your skin is wrinkly, your bones hurt, you’ve realized death is inevitable. Your clothes don’t fit the way they used to, and eventually, you start wearing all the shit old people have always worn, even if you always told yourself you wouldn’t be “that kind of old lady.” I’m talking about the velour track suits and windbreaker material pants, with matching fanny packs and Reebok trainers. The general uniform of the sporty (or sometimes not so sporty) old person who has accepted their fate. It’s striking how much they all look the same though, after you’ve seen one old lady in a track suit with her gray hair pushed into a bouffant you’ve seen them all. Alternately, after you’ve seen one old dude with a pair of tiiiny running shorts on his scarily skinny legs you’ve seen them all. I’m gonna go ahead and admit that old people kind of scare me, they’re all really nice and wise most of the time, but generally they smell odd and have creepy posture. But i’m just an annoying teenage hoodlum, so i’m sure they feel the same way about me.  Anyways, this post was inspired by the fashion show I got to experience today at Endor, courtesy of Cian, Tucker, Quinn, and of course the esteemed Lake. It consisted of a lot of ball smashing as they pulled their pants up over their navels and tucked their shirts in, and then proceeded to do a mean catwalk down the hallway. Truly a magical experience, and I could hardly breathe I was laughing so hard. These boys are ready for the Palm Bay retirement community scene I tell ya.

So yeah. That’s what a blog post is supposed to be, right?

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  1. Ha! I’m headed to visit some seniors in Alabama, where the fashion scene is a little different from where I live in NYC. Perfectly timed post 🙂 Thanks for that!

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